Binding Community to Nature

Biodiversity Commission

The Biodiversity Commission protects and conserves floral biodiversity, with a focus on native species.

Medicinal Edible Aromatic (MEA) Commission

The MEA Commission adopts MEA plants as an alternative cropping solution to integrate traditional agricultural practices in the economy.

Green Home Commission

The Green Home Commission revives & sustains cultural heritage & traditional knowledge within local industries to build a sustainable economy and environmental well-being.

Educational Commission

The Educational Commission raises community awareness of cultural assets, traditional knowledge, and environmental best practices.



Rural Development Strategy

Aley’s cultural heritage and natural resources distinguish it from other districts in the region, and these qualities have energized The Green Hand Organization (GHO) to work in support of the Aley District over the past 15 years. Building on our intimate knowledge of and experiences in Aley, we present to you the framework for ‘Authentic Aley,’ a coordinated and comprehensive strategy to preserve, protect, and promote the cultural heritage, natural resources, and economic development of Aley District.

Authentic Aley will support the protection and preservation of key attractions, resulting in economic development that is intrinsically linked to the protection and preservation of the environment and cultural heritage of Aley.

Authentic Aley envisions a thriving Aley district with a strong economy built on agriculture, tourism, and Aley’s unique environment. To achieve this vision, the natural resources of Aley must be protected, and its cultural heritage must be preserved (Appendix H). 

The mission of Authentic Aley is to develop and implement a coordinated and comprehensive strategy to preserve, protect and promote the cultural heritage, natural resources and economic development of Aley District in Mt. Lebanon. 


Protecting natural resources delivers a healthier and greener tomorrow


Preserving Cultural Heritage ensures a diverse and prosperous tomorrow


Promoting economic development grows a more vibrant tomorrow


Medicinal Edible Aromatic Plants

More than 20 alternative agricultural solutions.

Conservation of Biodiversity through economical alternative sustainable agricultural solutions.

A program for restoring cultural landscape, conserving MEA species and promoting sustainable harvesting towards reducing negative impact on biodiversity and mitigating climate change effect. 

This initiative was adopted by many international agencies, local ngos and private sector companies.

The impact of one of the applied cultivation protocols was providing the Lebanese market with more than 50% of its demands of Zaatar.

MEA cropping was introduced to pine dominated lands, which are not economically rewarding, to reduce chances of arsine as a way to change the use of the land from agriculture to urban, and to increase the owner’s income.


Decreasing impact of wild species and unsustainable harvesting


Promoting the linkage between communities and native species


Linking communities to their lands through introducing green economical opportunities


A Tool for Conservation 

Connecting the community to biodiversity through active engagement module



A program for establishing micro-reserves in different areas as a tool for conservation of endangered natural flora and degraded rich lands.

The process is based on scientific evidence obtained from scientific assessments of the degradation factors, habitat and accompanying species.

The concept of micro reserves involves establishing reserved areas, applying a complete integration plan that engages surrounding communities and general public.


Conservation of endangered species and rich floral lands


Revival of local societies through objective eco-tourism



Promoting the linkage between communities and native species

Mobile botanical garden

A tool for outreach and Education

Promoting Floral Biodiversity through an on hands interactive educational experience

An educational program that promotes floral biodiversity through actual visionary experience which combines interactive educational extra-curricular activities that allows the students to learn through hands on experience.

The program targets the general public with emphasis on youngsters, to build a solid base for a future generation that appreciates biodiversity and plays an active role in preserving it, through three themes of intervention: Biodiversity, Ecosystem and Ethnobotany.

An important wing of the program is to encourage municipalities to introduce native species into their landscape projects and public lands restoration.


Vivid introduction of the floral diversity of Native Species


A dynamic experience involving biodiversity, ecosystems and ethnobotany 


Promoting the linkage between communities and native species


GreenHand Mobile Botanic Garden

Casa Verde


MEA Cultivation

Authentic Catering

Authentic Green Home Exhibition